21st Century V8 Rock
This page celebrates EnginEars of the past. We would not be here today without them.
Once an EnginEar, always an EnginEar!
RON FIELDS - drums, vocals, art, 1999 - 2007
with zany wit & unbridled zeal, easily the catalyst for the cd & all things EnginEars. 
BRYAN MCINTYRE - guitar, bass, moog taurus, vocal, producer 1999 - 2006
the enginear behind the cd & a songwriting partner to be reckoned with. 
a truely inventive guitarist with a golden ear for sound & song arrangement.
HENRY CHAVEZ III - bass guitar, vocals 2004-2007
a fluid & lyrical player that brought  the songs on the cd to life each night & one of the best fathers on earth.
BRIAN CLEGG - video projections, lighting coordinator 2004-2006
each song on the cd had a visual each night thanks to the stage production talents of this also very accomplished drummer.
MICHAEL DEAN CHANDLER - guitar, vocals, talk box 2006 - 2008
this ear attacked the guitar role with a work ethic that absolutely energized the band.
GARY GIDAK - guitar, vocals, bass 2009 - 2014
with a gift for tone & vocal harmony, this quick change artist brought melody, good humor & a sense of community to each show.
ROBERT LOVATO - bass guitar, vocals 2011 - 2012
delivered thunder & came through the clutch without compromise.